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LLANÇÀ, JUN / 24 / 2023




The route starts at the Mediterranean village of Llançà, located in the comarca of Alt Empordà in Catalonia, and finishes in the Basque city of San Sebastián, located in the south of the Bay of Biscay.

The route is 1.050km long with 25.000m of elevation gain. It includes a total of 33 Cols, with the highest on this edition will be the mythical Torumalet (2.115m) and the special one-way, the amazing Col de Troumouse (2.090m). This edition will have more backroads and explosive end in the basque Pyrenees with some hilly climbs your are aware since now for this challenge.


# 6117Palomère1,040
# 7174Fins797
# 8206Jouel1,504
# 9212Creu1,712
# 10250Pailheres2,001


# 12365Ayens961
# 13388Portech860
# 14415Loup590
# 16456Des Ares810
# 17491Bales1,775
# 18517Peyresourde1,563
# 19548Hourquette d’Ancizan1,554
# 22685Borderes1,163


# 24706Aubisque1,709
# 25793Issarbe1,425
# 26834Larrau1,571
# 27872Abaurreagaina1,046
# 28908Arnostegi1,224
# 29936Munhoa736
# 30954Izpegi684
# 31974Otxondo573
# 32996Saint Ignace173
# 331,037Jaizkibel528



Online Registration opens on November 1st:
Early Fee SOLO – 225€
Early Fee PAIR – 395€

After 1st of January:
Fee SOLO – 245€
Fee PAIR – 440€


Registration includes: Accreditation, Official bib number/cap, Welcome pack, Handbook, Finisher Medal, Map, tracker rental,  live tracking GPS, and small bag transfer.

The route is completely paved, so we would choose a road with 28 wheels.

Transpyrenees has a predetermined route from start to finish. If you decide to abandon it for any reason, you will have to pick it up later from the same point where you left off.
The official track will be sent to the registered riders weeks before departure.

Ask people, find the route on your GPS or on your mobile phone … but don’t call home or any base camp: self-sufficiency consists of using your own means to solve your own problems.

Try to fix them yourself. If this is not possible, go to a mechanic using any possible means of transport and then return to exactly the same point where you left the route.

. Apr / 30 / 2023 23:59. Online registration deadline
. Jun / 24 / 202312:00. Accreditation and Briefing
. Jun / 24 / 2023 20:00. Departure
. Jun / 30 / 2023 20:00. Times up

It is forbidden to reserve any type of service before departure, which includes accommodation. Everything you have to need during the test must be reserved once it begins.

That time starts at the start and only for when you reach the finish line. While you are standing to rest, eat or sleep, time will continue to run, so good planning, strategy and knowledge about yourself is key to being a Finisher.

Some will take it as a race, others will just try to be Finishers.

Although there will be a final classification based on the order of arrival, following the traditions of ultra-cycling and bikepacking, there will be no prize for the fastest rider except the honor of finishing first.

Yes. During the event you need to have insurance that covers RC, accident, emergency rescue, death and repatriation.
Remember that you must be over 18 years old at the time of departure.

The participant agreement, among other things, says that the broker agrees to assign the commercial rights of all the media that are collected in the Event to Transiberica. We do this because our basic deal with the broker is to only provide race administration and its services in exchange for the entry fee.

Some riders and companies may also benefit from race profiling and publicity through rider sponsorship, so we may reclaim some of the commercial rights for use on things like social media. We will provide a separate agreement to provide clarity on what the license covers.

What does this mean? – Well, firstly, it means that true “private” riders pay a slightly lower entry fee, secondly, it means that riders who benefit the most from the race’s media pay a slightly higher entry fee, and thirdly, in the future it may help protect the race from becoming too commercially influenced as it grows.

So if a runner will use their participation in the race to promote ANY commercial organization (including one they own), they will need to purchase the media license. It can be requested through an email to

Note: There will be limitations to this license; it will not extend to things like ad campaigns and sponsored video projects. You will need to write to us for a separate agreement on this larger project.


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