Cinelli was founded in 1947 by Cino Cinelli, a professional racer and winner of the 1943 Milano-Sanremo. Although he was not an engineer, Cino was a stubborn perfectionist and in just 20 years his company had become a leading manufacturer of racing handlebars and stems. Cino invented the first saddle with a plastic shell, the Unicanitor, and built the legendary Supercorsa frame, a true cult object of the period (still produced today).

28 Gold medals won by Cinelli between Olympicsand World Championships.
Q36.5 was born as a Research Laboratory. We believe that the future of cycling equipment lies at the intersection of research, experimentation and innovation.

The name itself is a reflection of this philosophy. Q means “Research” in Latin, and 36.5 is the optimal body temperature in ºC of the human body.

At Q36.5 we engineer uncompromising cycling equipment that is designed to optimize your performance and keep a your body temperature at 36.5ºC – no matter the conditions.

SUPERNOVA wants to motivate people to take up cycling by creating products with excellent design, highest quality, and longevity to increase their safety.
The bicycle is the most economical means of transport and every mile ridden on a bike saves car miles. Moreover, it is healthy and cost-efficient. For us, cycling is a lifestyle.

VELOTOZE helps us overcome inclement weather. Rain is the most unpleasant element for most cyclists, it increases the rate of body heat loss as the humidity of the skin and clothing draws heat away from our body, increased by the action of the air. Velotoze takes care of us to face the greatest challenges

Good food is an essential part of every adventure. Chimpanzee Nutrition is producing sports nutrition from 100% natural ingredients. So if you plan a bike-packing trip with your friends, go hiking, or run a marathon, make sure to give Chimpanzee Nutrition a try. 

Ortileb creates panniers and ultralight, waterproof bags since 1982, allowing cyclists to unlock their instinct of adventure. This days we cannot imagine ORTLIEB without being a synonym for waterproof bicycle bags.

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