Women Cycling Camp


Women Cycling Camp

WCC is not a race, and it’s not a solo event either. It’s a collective ride for women to explore your ultracycling limits

BILBAO, 14 MAY & PYRENEES, 17 SEPT. / 2022



At Transiberica we have been promoting female participation in our events since 2019 by  inviting female cycling role models and offering discounts to women. However, the percentage of female participation is still below 10%.

We believe that the main reason for low female participation is the fear of the unknowns that these races entail. Even today, there is still a lack of information on how to train specifically, gear up, or prepare mentally for this type of event.

To help overcome that fear and encourage women to take part in such events, we are launching training camps by and for female cyclists to introduce you to ultracycling. We provide useful information about training, nutrition and other important skills for competing in an ultra distance event such as navigation or mechanical skills.

This year we are hosting two women only Introductory Ultracycling events in weekend camp format where you will ride 300-350K self-supported rides. In order to make it easier for you to explore your limits, we will provide accommodation, dinner and breakfast, a track, and some female ambassadors as ‘guides’. And of course, a great environment with fellow female cyclists like yourself. At these camps we hope to be able to answer your concerns and give you that last little push to have a go at ultracycling adventuring.







From Bilbao to Espinosa de los Monteros (mountain village in the east of the Cantabricum Mountains).

350k +6.000m up to be covered in 2 days Sat/Sun May 14th – 15th

Bilbao (Velodrom) – May 14th 8:00am

Inscriptions will be open on February 1st to 30th of April


The route combines the Cantabrian coast with majestic mountains until it reaches Espinosa de los Monteros. On the way back we will be going through broken terrain and some of the most beautiful villages in Spain.

A dedicateD hostel

A hostel/lodge is reserved for the event. With bed linen, towels, dinner and breakfast all included. A place where you can rest and recharge your batteries.



From Pamplona to la Selva de Irati, a forest in a little hole in the French part of Pyrenees.

Special section full of backroads and wild nature where the Atlantic Pyrenees start, with more than 1.000m high cols as Burdinkurutzeta, or Bagargi.

Pamplona – September 17th 8:00 am





Inscriptions will be open on June 1st to 31st of August, limited to 49 places.


Meadows and lush beech trees make up this space on a 1,000m plateau that divides the Mediterranean climate from the Atlantic.

In between France and Spain, this remote area preserves all its traditions and narrow roads.

ACCOMMODATION in a Mountain shelter (with restaurant)

Despite deforestation during the Middle Ages for the construction of ships and later on for the metal industry (weapon manufacturers) as well as border struggles between Spain and France, Irati represents one of the largest forest masses of beech and fir trees in Europe.

Sorogain is a magical place lost in the mountains, full of fields and small high mountain meadows between beech forests and the remains of dolmens in the edge of Irati forest.