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Ultra distance cross country race
forests and arid lands in the Basque Country

VITORIA, 28 / JULY / 2024



From the lush forests of Urbasa and Irati (home to Basajun), one descends to the most arid and barren plains through Bardenas Reales, returning to the banks of the Ebro river before facing the Sierra de la Demanda, a mountainous massif in “land of cameros”of transhumants who face very harsh lands in terms of climate, to culminate around the Pico San Lorenzo and return to the forests of the Basque Country, through the Izki Natural Park.


Meadows and lush beech trees make up this space on a 1,000m plateau that divides the Mediterranean climate from the Atlantic.

Irati Forest

Despite the deforestation carried out during the Middle Ages for the construction of ships and later metal industry (manufacture of weapons) as well as the border struggles between Spain and France, Irati represents one of the largest forest masses of beech and fir trees in Europe

Bardenas Reales

It represents a peculiar and unique environment in terms of geological and climatic composition, they constitute a semi-desert area with an added singularity, the ownership and administration of the lands between 22 “congozantes”, who have rights to exploit them.

Sierra de la Demanda

A mountain range with a continental, arid climate, full of contrasts between reddish valleys of clay soil and large mountains of rock, crowned by Pico San Lorenzo (2270m).



Basajauns is together with Badlands the ultimate unassisted gravel event in Europe. With a route of 850km and + 15,000m, it shows the most extreme contrasts between the green of the wildest forests in Europe, the plains and the deserts next to huge mountains in both the Pyrenees and the Sierra de la Demanda, with a continental climate and heights above 2,000m.
– 70% off-road – 

SOLO – 295€

PAIR – 530€

Registration includes: Accreditation, Official bib number/cap, Welcome pack, Handbook, Finisher Medal, Map, tracker rental, and live tracking GPS.

The Lord of the Forest . A mythological guardian of the most virgin and remote forests. Protector of the flocks. Share history with other mythological characters from other cultures such as: ogres, trolls, and yetis.

Basajaun has a predetermined route from start to finish. If you decide to abandon it for any reason, you will have to pick it up later from the same point where you left off.
The official track will be sent to the registered riders weeks before departure.

The accumulated unevenness is a matter to consider. After leaving Vitoria, the route enters Urbasa Natural Parc to later descend into Pamplona and continue ascending again to more than 1,000m in Pyrenees. The route descents to Bardenas Desert and then follows the Ebro river before climbing again to more than 2,200m in Sierra de la Demanda, to finish into the Izki Forest in an up-down area close to Vitoria.

As for the weather, be prepared for the heat in Bardenas and cold temperatures close to 0C in Sierra de Cameros.

If you prepare the route properly you will have no problem finding plenty of water and food. But remember, try to self-serve food for a day and refill the cans whenever you can.

It is forbidden to reserve any type of service before departure, which includes accommodation. Everything you need during the race must be reserved once it begins.

Family members and friends are warmly welcome to Basajaun, but they must do so only at the Start or Finish.

En-route, family and friends are only allowed, with previous permission by emailing

. APR / 30 / 2024 23:59. Online registration deadline
. JUL / 27 / 2024 16:00. Accreditation and presentation
. JUL / 28 / 2024 08:00. Departure
. AUG / 02 / 2024 20:00. Time limit

That time starts at the start and only for when you reach the finish line. While you are standing to rest, eat or sleep, time will continue to run, so good planning, strategy and knowledge about yourself is key to being a Finisher.

Ask people, find the route on your GPS or on your mobile phone … but don’t call home or any base camp: self-sufficiency consists of using your own means to solve your own problems.

Try to fix them yourself. If this is not possible, go to a mechanic using any possible means of transport and then return to exactly the same point where you left the route.

Some will take it as a race, others will just try to be Finishers.

Although there will be a final classification based on the order of arrival, following the traditions of ultra-cycling and bikepacking, there will be no prize for the fastest rider except the honor of finishing first.

Yes. During the event you need to have insurance that covers RC, accident, emergency rescue, death and repatriation.
Remember that you must be over 18 years old at the time of departure.

It is strongly recommended for each competitor to have taken out individual accident insurance covering medical expenses in the country of residence and abroad, as well as medical repatriation. Such insurance can be taken out with Assur Connect (for bikers’ resident in the European Union), for bikers residing outside the European Union, please contact your insurer.

In case you would like to use your participation in Basajaun for commercial purposes you would need a Media License, the purpose is to control the unsupported spirit of Basajaun and preserve the support of the official sponsors that make it possible.

The ML is not required when you tag your sponsors in your own social media, but in other cases, such as sharing your content with them, you must ask for the ML by contacting before 31/May/2024, explaining the project and the brands involved.

 Please be aware that the applications could be refused.


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