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24H Ultracycling | official results



504km +10.320m

Each Lap
21km +430m



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The time you finish the lap earlier is the time you will have to rest, at :00 on the clock the race restart.

At the finish line, there will be boxes to resupply, but direct help is not  allowed.

Drafting is allowed.

49 riders limited per group (RACE or CHALLENGE)

The goal is to conclude the challenge.

Time only matter in the last lap, after the 24H. That’s why is an endurance challenge, more focus into the performance and the social face than race.
After 24 laps, it’s when the riders decide to ride the extra lap to get into the final classification. Then is when the event comes into a race and the time matter.



You can finish every lap in time, make sure to finish before the re-start (00 on the clock) of the next lap or you will be OUT.

You can take advantage of time in any lap of your desire to have some minutes to rest before the clock tick.

You can start after the re-start begins, but NEVER arrive late. So, you can take extra time to rest from the previous lap to the next in case you need some extra time.



After arriving to the finish line of the 24H challenge there will be an extra lap to decide the final classification.

The timing of the event will be something like 24h 39min (to set over 24Laps = 24h + the timing of the last lap = 39min).

24+1 extra loop. It’s the bonus lap when the speed and timing matter (because previous ones are limited to 21kms/h) and the classification until then is counting by laps completed in time not by how fast you complete them.



Every hour you will have access to the boxes area. Every rider will have a BOX to leave stuff and food to use during the 24H.
From the organization we will provide some facilities, as: refilling water at the boxes, and giving some s
nacks, sandwiches, coke, omelet, coffee, etc
This food will be set in a  “nutritional timetable” provided to each rider some weeks before the start.

RACE  40 €  (VAT inc.)
CHALLENGE 40 €  (VAT inc.)

The fee includes: Accreditation, Timing, Resulpply, and finisher recognition.

This is a “survival” race where we prioritize resistance, endurance, resilience and mental performance.

The objective is to have the control of the power and keep it for long.

This race and track is made to create a way to reach a higher goal for many riders creating a forced condition “encapsulated in 21km loop”, to generate “the best forced way” to reach the 504k +11.280m up.

Faster riders will not have advantage till the last lap when people with more resistance could show up their performance.

The route is paved, so we would choose a road with 25-28mm tires

Try to fix them yourself but you must compensate it and recover the timing lost. In case that you arrive late to the lap you will be OUT, but if you can explain to the marshals, that it was for a mechanical, we will set a Yellow flag (only one) and give you a lap chance to recover the timing. 

If this is not possible you will end the challenge. 

Family members and friends are warmly welcome, at the end this is a ultra endurance party, so they are more than welcome to cheer the riders during the race or at boxes. 

In boxes, family and friends will not be allowed in boxes during the resupply of the riders as any contact or direct help is not allowed inside the box. The idea is to set clear of people the resupply area, and no direct help to the riders, eventually we want to maintain the “selfsupporting spirit”. 

. MAY / 12 / 2024 23:59. Online registration deadline
. MAY / 25 / 2024 11:00. Accreditation and Briefing
. MAY / 25 / 2024 12:00. Departure
. MAY / 26 / 2024 13:00. Time limit

Some will take it as a race, others will just try to be Finishers.

Although there will be a final classification based on the order of arrival, of the last lap, there are 24h and 24 laps where the timing only have one mean “be on time” and “survive” for those 24h. 
At the last extra lap, the timing will count, but anyway there will not be any prize for the fastest rider except the honor of finishing first.

NO, every laap re-start at sharp time, every hour.

Yes. During the event you need to have insurance that covers RC, accident, emergency rescue, death and repatriation.

Remember that you must be over 18 years old at the time of departure.


It is strongly recommended for each competitor to have taken out individual accident insurance covering medical expenses in the country of residence and abroad, as well as medical repatriation. Such insurance can be taken out with Assur Connect (for bikers’ resident in the European Union) for bikers residing outside the European Union, please contact your insurer.


In theory any. Both options have the same rights. The difference is that both groups will start with a 15-minute gap to be able to admit more participants to the event. Thus, those who have a clear intention of finishing and doing an extra lap are focused on registering as RACE while their attempt is to finish, even if they finally do the 25th timed lap, it is better to register as CHALLENGE.


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