In these uncertain times, Transibérica will offer a Refunds Policy as flexible as the organization of these kind of events allows due to the commitments with suppliers, media team, logistics, and other items needed for the event.

If the organization finds a replacement within the next 7 days after the cancellation, the refund would be 70% of the entry fee, the event must be sold out for those replacements.

If the event is canceled as a result of COVID-19 local restrictions, natural disaster, war, strike, legal interventions, major accidents during the event, pandemics, lockdowns, or other such causes, Transiberica will reschedule the event. In this case, the riders would have two options: first to keep the place for the new date, second -during a limited period of time announced in advance- a refund of 100% per entry fee.

This refunds policy will be strictly applied. If you have any questions please contact us at

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