Although cycling is a predominantly male sport, from the beginning it had a great boom also among the female public. Perhaps it was seen more as an individual means of transport that would have an immense range of possibilities related to leisure, both as a tourist/hobby and competitive level.

Precursor at the end of the 19th century of an authentic revolution, as a sporting and social level, being a key element in the needs of rights and activities reserved for men.

Female participation in cycling events is being increased in recent years, although we are still moving at very low figures.

However, they could have a good role in long-distance events. When the physique is not decisive, in races of more than 5-6 days, where resistance and sleep management begin to have great impact, the results are there.

We have several examples in recent years that refute the good role of women in this type of races, with names such as: Leal Wilcox, Fiona Kolbinger, Juliana Buhring or Emilly Chappell. Riders with a noteworthy track record who obtained incredible long-distance records, such as Leal Wilcox winning the absolute classification of the Trans Am Bike Race (6800km), or a second place in the French Divide, or the absolute victory of Fiona Kolbinger in the Transcontinental 2019, ahead of almost 300 riders.

Leal Wilcox – 2019 – Great Divide
Fiona Kolbinger – 2019 – Transcontinental

The Reality

The reality is that female participation is so low, and it is a shame.

From Transiberica, since 2019 we have tried to promote female participation, trying to invite references, and offer discounts to many participants. However, the percentage of female participation is still 7.1%. A figure that we think is too low.

We believe that one of the main reasons for the low female participation is due to the fears that this type of races entails, as well as the lack of information, preparation, and specific training.

From Transiberica we hope to be able to respond to these concerns and in one way or another get more and more female cyclists enjoying the adventure of the long distance.

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