Close up of front battery light on road bike

Choosing the best light system is the key factor for those who want to go beyond daylight

When night comes, time to turn on the lights. In the market there are countless lighting systems, brands and lights, thanks to technology, both electronically and LED bulbs, there are more and more powerful lights and better lighting.

However, every lighting system requires an energy source, no matter how small and we can distinguish mainly the lights that are illuminated by direct current (batteries), or alternating current (hub dynamos).

To prove that the choice is not easy, the percentage indicates cyclists who use one type of lighting system or another: 65% battery light 35% dynamo light.

Road bike rear battery light close up
Rear dynamo light

If we compare the differences between both systems, both have their pros and cons.

Battery light



Long distance cyclists riding through forest at dusk
Cyclists rolling with dynamo light and battery light

Dinamo light



close up of front dynamo light on gravel bike
Supernova Airstream 2 front light

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