San Sebastian, 30 /June/ 2024

The unsupported and one-stage road cycling challenge across the Pyrenees.

Transpyrenees is the bikepacking challenge across the Pyrenees, where the riders must follow the official 1.000 km track from the Atlantic coast to the Mediterranean sea climbing some of the most mythical and challenging Cols of The Pyrenees such as Aubisque, Tourmalet or Ax-3-domaines.



Vitoria, 28 /July/ 2024

The unsupported and one-stage gravel challenge through the forests and deserts.

Basajaun is the lord of the forest, an ancient myth of wildlife preservation. It reminds us how fragile nature is and how we must keep it, as we can’t afford to lose such a wild forest into desertification. 

The route crosses his domines by the biggest beech forest in south Europe, some desertified areas, the Pyrenees, and some hilly and remote areas.



Bolzano, 24 /August/ 2024

The unsupported and one-stage road cycling challenge to Bilbao.

Transibérica is a Free Route event, what means the riders must design and follow their own plan to reach the mandatory Checkpoints, designed to reach some of the most beautiful, diverse and challenging villages and mountain passes, getting an average route of about 2.600km.

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24H Ultracycling

Lemoiz, 25 / MAY / 2024

The endurance community.

24H Ultracycling is a pure endurance challenge where speed or power are not essential. It’s a festival of resistance on a closed circuit, where you can accumulate 504 km in distance and 10,500 m, in a peculiar modality where the circuit restarts every hour on the 00 o’clock. In this way we will force a heterogeneous group to achieve the proposed goal at a similar pace

# WCC2024

Women Cycling Camp

Picos de Europa, Everest Challenge  2-5 / MAY

A collective ride by and for women to explore your ultracycling limits.

Third year hosting women only in weekend camp format. To make it easier for you to explore your limits, we will provide accommodation, dinner and breakfast, a track, and some ambassadors/guides.

Picos de Europa | ROAD TO THE EVEREST  –  Potes
La Rioja | Light bikepacking gravel ride – Vitoria

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