in the Iberian Peninsula 
 the Iberian Peninsula 


Unsupported ultracycling in the Iberian peninsula



Vitoria, 30 / July / 2022

The unsupported and one-stage gravel challenge on the edge of Europe.

From the lush forests of Urbasa and Irati (home to Basajun), one descends to the most arid and barren plains through Bardenas, returning to the banks of the Ebro river before facing the Sierra de la Demanda, a mountainous massif in “land of cameros ”of transhumants who face very harsh lands in terms of climate, to culminate around the Pico San Lorenzo and return to the forests of the Basque Country, through the Izki Natural Park.



Llançà, June 25, 2022

The unsupported and one-stage road cycling challenge across the Pyrenees.

Transpyrenees is the bikepacking challenge across the Pyrenees, where the riders must follow the official 1.000km track from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic coast climbing some of the most mythical and challenging Cols of The Pyrenees such as Peyresourde, Aspin, Tourmalet or Aubisque.



Bilbao, 13 / August / 2022

The unsupported and one-stage road cycling challenge across the Iberian Peninsula.

Transibérica is a Free Route event, what means the riders must design and follow their own plan to reach the mandatory Checkpoints, designed to reach some of the most beautiful, diverse and challenging villages and mountain pass of the Iberian Peninsula, getting an average route of about 3.300km.

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